Powered presence
Digital illustration can bolster a billboard and add that much needed POW to powerpoint presentations
A great design project comes in all shapes and sizes, a simple t-shirt to a 3 month mobile app UX journey. But whenever bespoke artwork and vector illustration is an opportunity, it becomes an instant passion project to work on. In recent works, we've designs custom illustrations for annual reports, investor presentations, mobile apps and websites, and of course, print and event material.

While our experience has afforded us many opportunities to branch out into different art styles and themes, recently popularity has risen exponentially and specifically for geometric illustrations and brand extensions.  

2020 has been a rollercoaster year for many so far, and at the forefront of concern includes climate change, so having the opportunity to create concept illustrations for US based Climate Interpreter was a more important undertaking than usual, a strong message needed strong visuals and we were excited with the end results.

More recently, we've been tasked with creating illustrative metaphors in the guise of lego, chipsets and even Minecraft representations to define client business approaches and best practices as elevator pitches to their potential clients, many of which have been successful (hopefully in no small part to the assets we've created to boost more traditional documents).
Pugs X Geomals
Geraldine Rogers
Painted Pugs Furniture
As an extension of our homeware brand offerings, we originally bought artwork from the likes of Splatterworks. But we've fallen in love with the bespoke range of geometric animals (geomals!) and critters that Titan have created for us - our clients love how unique they are and how much they pop. We have them on posters, gift cards and hoping to have them on textiles and cushions in the near future, we couldn't be happier! 

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