Rewriting the Script
Script Haven is an entertainment-industry digital marketplace
Introduced to us by Black Antelope, Script Haven is an entertainment-industry digital marketplace that enables writers to sell scripts for film, television and theatre.
They were a brand new startup that came to us with a list of their initial requirements, for us to take the rest of the way. Our organic approach to product design was a perfect fit, and Script Haven was launched fully-functional and on time.

We love collaborating on projects like Script Haven that are industry game-changers, that empower anybody with talent and an Internet connection to be competitive.
Read between the lines
Understanding unique demands and bespoke feature sets
We worked very closely with the Script Haven team during the design and testing phases, to collaborate on the product design and explore how the feature requirements could be implemented and be intuitive for users in the best way possible as a viable solution.

The approved designs were taken by Black Antelope into Drupal as the obvious platform choice, offering the perfect balance of CMS for a content-driven site, a flexible and modular codebase to support the necessary custom features, and its mature e-commerce capabilities. The designs were built to cater to some unique features for this application, including live chat between users that integrates price negotiation and optioning prior to purchasing, and integration of Docusign for digital contracts during the checkout process.

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